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Treatment under general anesthesia

Dental treatment under general anesthesia

We offer treatment under general anesthesia upon patient request, performed by an experienced anesthesiologist with the support of a nurse, for both adults and children. We also specialize in caring for individuals with intellectual disabilities. The opportunity for comprehensive treatment of all teeth in a single procedure is appreciated by many patients.

Extraction of teeth under general anesthesia in Białystok

We specialize in tooth extractions under general anesthesia, providing patients with a much more comfortable procedure. General anesthesia allows for the quick and painless removal of even multiple teeth in a single session, eliminating the tiring nature of the procedure. The advantage of this method is the absence of discomfort for the patient, who, upon awakening from anesthesia, has already completed the entire process. There is no need to experience stress and fear before the procedure, as we ensure proper preparation for tooth extraction and a smooth course of the entire procedure. We guarantee that, thanks to general anesthesia, tooth extraction will no longer be a source of negative experiences.

Dental treatment under general anesthesia for children

General anesthesia is an effective solution not only for individuals with dental phobia. In our dental office, we provide dental treatment under general anesthesia for children as well, eliminating parents’ concerns about pain and stress in the youngest patients. The health of the little ones is our priority, so we take all measures to ensure that treatment is carried out without discomfort. We are aware that children may sometimes be unwilling to cooperate with the dentist, which is why general anesthesia becomes a necessary solution in such cases. Our office ensures access to the latest treatment techniques and modern equipment, offering an innovative approach, including in root canal treatment. We welcome those interested to visit our offices in Białystok.

Treatment and extraction of teeth under general anesthesia

General anesthesia and analgosedation in pediatric and adult dentistry:

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