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The Course of Invisalign Treatment in Our Clinic

The Course of Invisalign Treatment

The transformations of smiles at each Falkowski Dental Clinic location are achieved through close, standardized collaboration of our highly specialized team. This includes doctors, coordinators, hygienists, and patient caregivers.

We all operate according to a unique, in-house protocol, following standards developed from the extensive experience of Invisalign Diamond Doctor, Dr. Mateusz Falkowski.

  1. Orthodontic Consultation: This involves a teeth scan, X-ray images (panoramic and cephalometric), and photographic documentation.

  2. Patient Familiarization with the Treatment Plan – ClinCheck: Computerized simulation of tooth movement, providing a precise overview of the treatment process. Patient’s approval of the treatment plan.

  3. Commencement of Treatment: Providing the patient with a set of Invisalign appliances. Clear composite attachments are applied to the teeth, serving as points of force transfer from the aligner to the teeth, while maintaining aesthetics.

  4. Follow-up Appointments: The frequency of visits depends on the type of malocclusion and individual needs. Typically, adults have check-ups every 3-4 months, while children have them every 2 months. During these visits, the fit of the aligner is checked, tooth movement is assessed relative to the plan, and additional scans or attachments may be applied as needed.

  5. Completion of Treatment, Removal of Attachments, and Teeth Polishing: Retainer appliances are created. At the end of the treatment, either a fixed retainer or Viviera tray retainer is provided.

    • Viviera includes three sets of identical trays, produced based on the final scan of the patient’s tooth alignment. The scan is stored for free in the software memory, allowing for the ordering of an additional set of retainers in case all three sets are lost.
  6. Retention Follow-up Appointments After Treatment Completion.

We place great emphasis on the quality of services and effective treatment of every malocclusion. Throughout the entire treatment process, the patient remains under the care of an Invisalign coordinator and the location’s head doctor. The patient has direct contact with them in case of any need. In emergency situations, both the coordinator and the doctor are available to the patient on the same or the next day.


Each treatment plan (ClinCheck) is created by Dr. Mateusz Falkowski according to his in-house protocol, based on years of experience in treating with Invisalign appliances.

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