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Dr. Mateusz Falkowski began his training in Invisalign clear aligner orthodontics in 2014. He gained experience at a clinic in Mexico, where he learned this innovative orthodontic treatment method. He further honed his skills by collaborating with top experts in Invisalign orthodontics from around the world. In the span of a year, he treats over two hundred patients using the Invisalign method, catering to both children and older individuals.

Our clinic offers orthodontic treatment utilizing cutting-edge technology – the invisible Invisalign aligners. Years of experience, attention to detail, and client satisfaction have earned us the prestigious title of Invisalign Diamond Provider. This is a testament to our dedication and the satisfaction of our clients with our services.


Appointments can be scheduled at our clinics in Białystok or Augustów!

Types of orthodontic appliances used in our clinic

Invisible braces Invisalign

A modern and discreet method of orthodontic treatment, safe for patients of all ages. The appliance is an invisible plastic tray. The treatment period may last only a few months. The appliance can be removed for up to two hours within a day.


Upon completion of the treatment, the use of retention is necessary – either fixed or removable

Invisalign appliances in Sejny

  • High treatment effectiveness – Invisalign appliances are custom-made for each patient based on previously taken scans. This allows for precise treatment planning by the attending doctor.
  • Shorter treatment time (40-50%) – The treatment time with Invisalign appliances is often reduced by 50% compared to traditional braces.
  • Comfortable to use – The appliance can be removed for meals.
  • Hygienic usage – The appliances are changed every seven days. They can also be removed for brushing and flossing, making it one of the most hygienic solutions available on the market.
  • Attractive price compared to traditional braces – Depending on the severity of the bite issue, the cost of treatment for minor issues is similar to standard treatment.
  • Remote treatment – A visit to the doctor’s office is required every 3-4 months, as Invisalign is reliable, and the trays can be sent to the patient’s address.

Invisalign Appliances FAQ

Invisalign appliances are often used for children between the ages of 6 and 10. Many parents opt for this solution because the appliances are invisible, and many children consider traditional braces a source of embarrassment.

Invisalign appliances are invisible and aesthetic, making them unnoticed by others. They can also be removed for up to two hours a day, which is why they are preferred by public figures and individuals working in the media industry

Viviera consists of three sets of identical trays made based on a scan taken after completing Invisalign treatment. The scan is stored for free in the ITero software memory, allowing for the ordering of an additional set of retainers, for example, in the event of misplacing all three sets.

Invisalign appliances feature dedicated technologies for adolescents, leveraging growth spurts to address significant skeletal issues.

The Invisalign package includes:


  1. Initial orthodontic consultation.
  2. Complete X-ray set throughout the entire treatment process (panoramic, cephalometric, targeted X-rays).
  3. Computerized teeth scan using the iTero scanner.
  4. Follow-up appointments.
  5. Set of aligners necessary for treating the bite issue.
  6. Additional elements required for conducting orthodontic treatmen
The course of orthodontic treatment
Invisalign appliances

The course of treatment depends on the individual needs of each patient. While some stages of treatment are quite similar, we outline below the common points

01 Consultation

During the consultation, we perform a teeth scan, a set of X-ray images, and photographic documentation.

02. Treatment Plan

Presenting the treatment plan to the patient. Showing a computerized visualization of the entire process, including changes in facial features

03. Invisalign Treatment

After presenting the plan and receiving approval, the next step is providing the aligners. During the next appointment, composite, invisible attachments are bonded. This is where the force from the aligner is applied to the teeth.

04. Follow-up Appointments

These appointments are scheduled individually depending on the bite issue. For adults, it’s typically once every 3-4 months, while for children, it’s once every 2 months.

05. Retainer

After completion, either a fixed retainer or a Viviera tray retainer is provided

The cost of retention appliances, including the final appointment (removal of fixed appliances, attachments, hygiene procedures, polishing, digital model stored in the cloud for Viviera)
  • Permanent retainer (single arch): 400 PLN
  • Essix retainers (2 trays): 850 PLN
  • Viviera retainers (6 trays, 3 sets) + digital model stored in the cloud: 1500 PLN
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